Cycliq Fly 12 Front Camera

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Cycliq Fly12 Front Light and Camera

1080p HD Bike Camera

With video captured in stunning HD, Fly12 is the world's first front camera and light combination for your bike. Looping video and 1 button footage protection ensures you never miss the action on the road or off the beaten path. 

400 Lumen Bike Light

Smashing out a massive 400 Lumen of light, Fly12 is your ultimate accessory for low light or night time navigation. Multiple lighting modes available including flashing, solid, pulse & off!


Going for a long bike ride? Fly12 has got you covered with up to 10 hours of battery life (camera mode). Finally, you have a camera that lasts as long as you do.

Fly12 is designed by cyclists for any ride you can imagine. Utilising the latest nano technology means Fly12 is safeguarded against any weather nature throws at you.

Bluetooth or WIFI to your iPhone app or Android App (BETA release)

Fly12 connects to your iPhone using Bluetooth and WiFi allowing you to adjust your settings and more. Android app is a Beta release (The official CycliqPlus (BETA) app for Fly12). 

See the Cycliq Fly12 and Fly6 in action


Pushing some serious watts or breaking the land speed record and had no-one around to witness it? You can overlay Strava metrics onto the video right from your iPhone for instant sharing.  Check out their support website  to see if your phone hardware is supported.  Requires iPhone with 3G/4G data and WIFI for simultaneous connection to phone app and internet for map overlays. 


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