Essax Shark Fec. Med 130mm Blk/White

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Essax Shark Fec Med 130mm Black with White highlights. 

The fin design was created to provide stability on the seat,  providing a guide where the cyclist's 'sit bones' will rest in the right position.  This reduces muscle fatigue, soreness and power loss due to inefficiency.  

The fin is not restrictive and will allow the cyclist to sit off center without discomfort.  This allows the cyclist to move around on the saddle for balance and to stretch.  The saddle still feels comfortable but sliding sideways or backwards while pedalling is greatly reduced.  

Noticeable with higher efforts at threshold, is the increase in power output numbers at a certain heart rate; or decrease in heart rate at a certain power output. Performance is improved by biomechanical efficiency.  

This model features: 

*Medium 40x115mm Shark fin biomechanical enhancement design. 

130mm saddle width. 

Steel saddle rails. 

This saddle is intended to be sold through a shop that understands basic bike fit positioning.  

Sign out a test saddle if you would like to do a personal test on your training route. 

Soon Watt & Co is able to provide you with some suggestions for your needs, please come down to our shop for more information. 

*There is no L size model.

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