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 Each and every one of the Essax® products have been designed, injected, formed, embossed, screen-printed, prints, lined, glued, sanded, railed, supervised and packed at facilities in Sax by professional craftsmen. These are handcrafted saddles. 


Essax Shark Saddle

"The Shark" Saddle 

Essax Shark Fec Med 130mm Black with White highlights. 

The fin design was created to provide stability on the seat,  providing a guide where the cyclist's 'sit bones' will rest in the right position.  This reduces muscle fatigue, soreness and power loss due to inefficiency.  

Essax Saddles

All Saddles 

Essax is the choice of road and MTB cyclists, whether competitive racing or social sportive rides. 

Low weight, light foam and materials, make it the preferred saddle.