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   Jagwire is a member of the Taiwan A-Team group of manufacturers that explores issues related to the bike industry. Having relentless commitment to quality. Improving products by soliciting customer feedback, investing in research and development, technology and processes. Jagwire is an ISO 9001 / TS-16949 company and RoHS* certified by the European Union for restricting the use of lead in its products. Aerospace, automobiles or bicycles, Jagwire is a trusted partner. 


Cable Products

Cable Products

 Aluminum link housing is the ultimate combination of durability and attention grabbing looks.  Elite Sealed Kit uses a continuous liner that seals the system completely. Pro kits deliver enhanced performance and style. Sport kits are a great replacement for OE cables, with a fresh look.
Brake Pad

 Brake Pads

 Different riding styles and conditions demand different brake pads. Designed to deliver long-lasting stopping power and modulation under a variety of conditions.  Jagwire offers different pad options that give riders the best combination of materials and compounds for their ride.
Hydraulic Brake Tools

Hydraulic Brake Tools  

 Bleed kits with enough compatibility options for almost any job in the shop.
  • Pro DOT Bleed Kits are compatible with most Avid®, SRAM®, Formula®, Hayes®, and Hope® hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Mineral Oil Bleed kits are compatible with most Shimano®, Magura®, Tektro®, and Giant® hydraulic disc brakes.
Brake tools

Brake Tools

  Brake Pad Tuner makes setting toe-in a breeze. 

  Pad Press Plus® makes removing and installing brake pad inserts simple and easy. The new design is compatible with both mountain and road pad types and supports SRAM®, Shimano® and Campagnolo® pad designs. The included screws make for easy mounting to any workbench.