Soon Watt Bicycle Workshop Services

 Full Overhaul Service


We basically stripped your bike and bike components, clean them up, inspect for any form of abnormality and re-greased them before assembling it back.  This is like restoring your bike while ensuring it is in good riding condition.


Our Full Overhaul Service includes

1.  Strip and clean the components

2.  Bike Wash and Drive Chain Cleaning

3.  Check for wear and tear (ie. chain, bearings in headset, hub, bottom bracket)

4.  Minor wheel truing (with the exception of tubular wheels with Internal nipple)

5.  Gear and Brake Tuning

6.  Frame and Fork inspection (Carbon)

7.  Grease and assemble the bike back

8.  Minor Hydraulic brake troubleshooting


Our overhaul services does not include

1.  Bike fitting due to changing of components of a different specs.

2.  Major wheel related services (rebuilding of the wheel, internal hub repairs, etc)

3.  Shock servicing

4.  Full Hydraulic brake servicing

5.  Other Major repairs

6.  Any materials needed for replacement and repair.  (E.g. new cables, bearings, seals)

** These are optional add on services and is available upon requests.