Hornit the world's loudest horn 140dB

This is the Hornit, the world's loudest electronic bicycle horn.  We owe it to ourselves to stay safe.  

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Please slow down to avoid a collision in crowded and busy areas.  

Be considerate to people and animals that cross your path.  

It is our responsibility to be safe for the people around us on our travels.  

The Hornit 2 at 140dB

The patented Hornit dB140 is the loudest cycle horn on the market and puts the cyclist in control of their own safety. It’s small, sleek and enables cyclists to alert distracted drivers and pedestrians to their presence.

  • 140 decibels
  • alerts car, bus, lorry drivers & pedestrians
  • 2 sounds (piercing and car horn sound)
  • remote trigger (safe and easy to use when braking)
  • fits all bikes
  • IP44 weather proof   

If you're looking for an attention grabbing horn and safety light combo for children's bicycles, we recommend the colourful Mini Hornit.  

Mini Hornit Purple

The Mini Hornit is the ultimate lights and sound effects accessory for children’s bikes and scooters. Loaded with 25 sounds and white and green lights, your child’s imagination will run wild!

  • wings clip on to fit all bikes and scooters
  • white safety lights (12 lumens)
  • funky green lights (12 lumens)
  • 25 sound effects
  • remote trigger (no need to take hands off handlebars)
  • IP33 (weather proof)

Mini Hornit Blue


However, if you just like to ring along the whole day, we reccomend the traditional bells.  See and try out the PACO bells at our store. Click here to go to  Paco Bells information page.