Orbea Orca 10th anniversary frame

Orca was born as an alive and never ending project. Through winning many awards, race victories and the Gold medal in Beijing with Samuel Sánchez. All in ten years. What can happen in the future?

The future is now. A brand new bicycle is already riding in the most important race of the world: the Tour de FranceEuskaltel-Euskadi has the privilege of being the first to ride the most adaptable, light and with the optimum stiffness Orbea have ever created.   

 It´s 7 % more aerodynamic than our old Orca fork without losing any stiffness or steering precision

This new Orca version is 10% lighter and 8% stiffer. We have achieved the goal of making a lighter frame with an optimization of the carbon fibers. We have achieve better stiffness with Shimano´s Press Fit.

All shift and brake cabling is now internally routed within the frame. EC/DC - Compatible for both electronic and mechanical shifting systems.  Internal DCR - Provides efficient and direct pathways for mechanical cables and shields the cables in a slick liner system for a low weight, low maintenance, less friction and increases cable life. 

Check it out at Soon Watt & Co.  One last piece might still be available.  

Orbea Orca 10th Anos 1

Orbea Orca 10th Anos 2