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Titanium Chain Life Chart YBN

Titanium Chain

As one of the leading chain manufacturers, to create the best chain is an endless mission. YBN Chain keeps trying to achieve. With up-to-date manufacturing technology and professional metal processing knowledge, YBN proudly announced its Titanium Chains are the world's lightest chain. Comparing with normal bicycle chain. YBN Titanium Chain Series reduce more than 30% weight. After long-period testing by the major clients, the results where very impressed and remarkable. The Titanium Chain Series are made of Titanium Material, and also are processed with Ni-PTFE Teflon Coating ,SLA Superior Lubricating Aid and DHA lightest Chromium Carbide Hardened Treatment. All of these production procedures made the Titanium Chain Series not only the lightest chains but the best chains. Extremely lightweight, Outstanding Durability, Smooth Shifting and Noiseless are the main characters of YBN Titanium Chain. Its Outstanding Durability is about 6000Km~8000Km and the Lifetime is twice as long as normal chain. 

Yaban Chain Super SLA

SLA Supeior Lubricating Aid series

YBN took two years to explore the Ni-PTFE Teflon Coating, and made the "SLA" Superior Lubricating Aid series. Less Friction, Smooth, Noiseless and Easy cleaning are the main characteristics of SLA chain series. The Durability of the SLA series are upgraded 200% by these characteristics. SLA Superior Lubricating Aid series no need to grease heavily, slightly greased after cycling will be fine.

Chromium Carbide Surface Hardened Treatment

YBN has been using the DHA Chromium Carbide Surface Hardened Treatment to increase the hardness of chain pins. Excellent performance can be expected even in adverse conditions, including the presence of abrasive contaminants. Furthermore, DHA pins is also anti-rust. DHA Chromium Carbide Surface hardened pins are able to prolong 100% of lifetime. The chains are not prolonged easily.  

YBN Half Link Chain Series

Half-Link Chain 

YBN half link chain with hollow pins


Tensile Strength is improved by Reinforced Chain Plates, Thicker and Stronger.

DHA Pins:

Durability is enhanced 100% by its DHA Pins. 

1.Easy Adjustment

 it is unnecessary to change frame and freewheel when you are changing chains. Special design of chain plate and bridge-type roller link is composed of height-uneven chain plates. Half Link chain is different from traditional way of adjusting pair of links and difficult adjustment.

2.Extremely Strong Tensile Strength

 We adopt the material of Chromium Molybdenum Alloy Steel to manufacture YBN Half Link series chain products. YBN Half Link chain series possess 1400kgf tensile strength by special Carburized Nitrogen heat treatment. YBN Half Link chain products are accord with ISO and JIS industrial standard.

3.Other advantages

The straight shape design of top part of chain plate offers the ability of Freestyle bicycle to use the Half Link chain to collide against any object. Smooth-going is able to instead of beating, having more comfortable and safer assurance to riders who take advantage of it.