General Warranty Policy

General Warranty Policy

♦ All warranties cover manufacturers’ faults only, for defective materials and workmanship.
♦ All warranties apply to the first owner of the product, and are generally not transferable.
♦ The period and structure of warranties varies with brands and products.
♦ For more details, check with the user’s manual and/or warranty document.


All warranties DO NOT cover damage or failure arising from:
♦ Misuse, abuse, unauthorised alteration and/or improper usage.
♦ Crashes, impact against solid objects, over-tightening and/or mishandling.
♦ Neglect and/or failure to perform routine maintenance and provide proper storage.
♦ Wear-and-tear
♦ Improper handling by unauthorised service personnel.
Claim Procedure
♦ Please contact us at, attaching a photo/scan of your receipt and details of claim.
♦ We reserves the rights to reject any claims that is submitted without receipt.
♦ We will advise you through email, to avoid any inconvenience.
♦ Important note: We will only accept products purchased from our shop.

♦ All claims are subject to the approval of the manufacturer/supplier.
♦ Manufacturer and supplier will attempt to repair or service the item.  In the event that item cannot neither be service or repair, a replacement of the same or equivalent will be provided.
♦ If the claim is unsuccessful, the customer has the option to send the product to the manufacturer for further reassessment.
♦ All charges arising from this will be borne by the customer.
Crash Damage Mitigation Program

♦ This is an in-house program, in appreciation of your support.
♦ This program is designed to reduce your expenditure, should your equipment be damaged beyond repair and it cannot be claimed under the warranty.
♦ It is available only to selected products and it is offered to the first owner only.
♦ To find out more, please speak to our sales representatives.