Our Brief History

During the 1950s, Mr Ng Mong Heng (Ah Boon), founded Soon Watt & Co selling cost effective bicycles meant for work and commuting duties.  Our core business mission is "to provide quality products and services at competitive prices."  

Photo of Soon Watt & Co. during the early 2000 before renovation.  From Left to Right, Mr. Victor Yew, Mr. Chee and Mr. Boon.

Thru passion and enthusiasm, business has continue to develop and in 1970, Soon Watt & Co. has began selling road bikes and a wide range of BMX and mountain bikes by early 1980s.

Ah Boon, an avid cycling enthusiast, spearheaded Soon Watt & Co's mission since its establishment. Ever supportive of the local cycling fraternity, he sponsored riders and teams while organising many local and overseas rides in those years.

Victor Yew and Ah Boon formed a partnership in the mid-1990s to enhance the scope and portfolio of Soon Watt & Co. Victor is a businessman, the visionary owner of a successful construction firm.  His benevolent character with a keen sense to perceive and assess current trends, nurtures continued growth in Soon Watt & Co.  Keeping our business modern, extending mutual benefit.

Together, Victor and Ah Boon continue to shape our business, Soon Watt & Co’s goals, and objectives to face the challenges ahead.  Continually providing high-quality products, services and solutions based on your needs.