Wheel Building and Maintenance

"Your wheel is constantly in contact with the road surface,
supporting your weight while overcoming every bump from the road surface
and handling the forces resulting in lateral movements.
It simply deserves better the more it rolls."


Services under this category includes

1.  Wheel building

A good customized wheelset is generally easier and cheaper to maintain.  Discuss your expectation and application with our experienced wheel builder for recommendations.


2.  Wheel Maintenance (truing and dishing)

Bicycle wheels rely on rim integrity, and spoke tension for stability, alignment and roundness.  Regular inspections and minor adjustments prevent run out and increase the service life of the rims, spokes and hubs.  All these provide for optimum power transfer, sure steering and confidence on the ride. 


3.  Hubs Maintenance (bearings, pawls, cups, seal, ratchet mechanisms)

Regular hub maintenance increases service life of the hubs.  A cleaning, check, adjustments and application of fresh lubricants ensures the hubs are operating within specifications.  This reduces wear on bearings, cups, pawls or ratchet mechanisms.


4.  Rim/ Spoke/ Hub Replacement

If rim, spoke or hub needs replacement, feel free to discuss with us.