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"A properly fitted rider will rides safer,

enjoy comfort and performs even better."



What is Bike Fitting?

Bike fitting is a process to explore and determine the relationship of the 3 points of contact between the rider and his/her bicycle.  The 3 points of contact are saddle, pedal and handle grip whereby their settings will determine the riding posture.


Why is it important?

Bicycle manufacturers produce frames based on their own design concept and geometry studies, a size 54cm from two different brands may differ in tubes length and angle.  Frames are also made in different sizes to carter to the mass.

Since they are made differently, choosing of the right size and using the right setting of stem, handlebar and seat post will be essential for riders to achieve comfortable rides, performance and to reduce the risk of developing long term sports related injuries.  Bicycles should always be setup to suit the rider and not the other way around.

In addition, the human body is complex.  Every riders will have a different level of flexibility, lifestyle, riding purpose and preferences , age and some may even have medical issues.  The setup of the equipment can thus be different even when riders having the same physique.  This is especially so when one is younger, healthier, more flexible and highly competitive.


Who needs to be fitted?


Pain experienced at the neck, shoulder, knee, lower back and numbness in the hand during rides are some very common symptoms of a badly fitted bike.  Getting the right equipment and setup are always confusing for many.  Long term usuage of a badly fitted bike may result in undesirable long term sport related injuries.

Bike fitting can benefit cyclists to
1.    Become more efficient in their pedalling, generates more power and speed
2.    Enable better handling, balance and stability
3.    Allows better breathing and helps deliver oxygen to your muscles
4.    Determine the appropriate position of the saddle
3.    Determine the position of the cleats
4.    Suggest /provide corrective posture
5.    Enforce the rider with knowledge about the way he/she rides


Remember, a properly fitted rider will rides safer, enjoy comfort and performs even better.


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