Workshop Services

Soon Watt Professional Bicycle Repair and Wheel Building Service.

We provide a wide array of bicycle repair and services, catering to both leisure and enthusiast riders.  Be it road, triathlon, mountain, hybrid, or kids, we service them all.

If you need our services, simply drop by our store, contact us at sales@soonwatt.comdrop us a message on our Facebook,
or simply call us during our operating hours at +65 64454755.

General Services

Our general service refers to minor jobs and the labor fee is highly dependent on the job require.

  • minor adjustments of component
  • installing, tightening or loosening of component
  • Gear and brake tuning
  • Changing or installation of new inner tubes and tyres.
  • .. and any other basic jobs.

Drive-Chain Cleaning

Our Drive-Chain Cleaning cleans both the frame and the dirtiest part of the bicycle namely, the chain, cassette, front and rear derailleur, crank and its chain-rings.  New lubrication will be added to the chain thereafter.

Full Overhaul Service

This is highly recommended as an once a year or if you prefer to do more.  It basically covers the drive-chain cleaning as stated above plus stripping of cassette, the derailleurs for a detail deep cleaning.  Bottom bracket and headset will be cleaned up and re-greased.  The overall bike condition will be diagnosed against wear and tear, safety and proper installation.  Minor truing of the wheels*, derailleur shifting and braking will be included.

*Minor truing of wheels is subjected to tools availability, as some propriety standard wheels require special tools to true.  Minor truing refers to minor tensioning of spokes to true the wheel and does not include wheels rebuilding.

Bike Assembly Service

If you have a new frame and needs to transfer parts from your existing bike,

If you would like to set up your frame with new parts.

If you would like to swap out existing components and upgrade your bike with new components.

We are able to assist.  Kindly contact us at or visit us at our store to discuss more about it.

Hydraulic Brake Servicing

We service both road and mountain bikes hydraulic brake.  From changing hose, installation, to troubleshooting and to re-bleeding.

Wheel building and maintenance

We build custom wheels, repairs and provide maintenance services such as truing, diagnostic, spoke replacements and hubs servicing.

Bike packing service for travel or shipping

We pack your bike in carton boxes designed for shipping/ travel.  Protective packaging materials are inclusive for the bike frame and components.  Our packing service is very affordable.

Bike Fitting

We uses Fit Kit system to provide basic fitting to help determine the correct size and setting that you should be riding.  We also have Rotational Adjustment Device to help proper cleats positioning and set up to eliminate pain and discomfort relating to pedaling stroke.

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